Scent List

* denotes natural or mostly natural essences and essential oils
** contains some essential oils
nothing - all fragrance oils

Aching Bones - A mineral salt packed soak of Cedar wood, Clove, Grapefruit, Lavender and Rosemary essential oils. (Mardi Gras 2011)

Alexandria - it’s a soft, woody, mossy, floral, and about 13 other components. (Original scent list)

Air/Visions - Citrus and herbal, with a slight hint of nutmeg. Represents the element Air and psychic sight. (Archive)

Amber & Rose (Scrub) - Macerated, rich real Amber resin, Turbanado & Cane sugar scrub. Drench yourself with deep tones of dark and resinous real Amber resin & Bulgarian Rose absolute. Reformulated, this time does not contain ground rose hips . (Halloween)

Amber Deep - Pure and simple sweet and spicy amber, the same amber blend that is in "Trance". (Summer 2010)

Ancestral Dust (formally known as All Hallows Eve) – autumn strolls through dry graveyards, with earthy grounding oak moss, patchouli, herbs, oud wood, sandalwood, various mosses, smoked woods and a touch of earthly reminders of home. (Halloween 2010)

Anxiety - Dispels anxieties and apprehensions. (Archive)

*Aphrodite - Sandalwood, Cinnamon, Cypress and more. Spicy and woodsy. Represents "The Maiden", love, passion, Venus, growth and longevity. (Original scent list)

Apple Clafouti (aka Moo's Apple Brown Betty) - Apple Clafouti, also known as Clafouti aux Pommes, is a homespun version of a traditional puffed French custard cake. The classic combination of apples, lemon, and cinnamon make a fantastic comfort dish as well as a wonderful bath and body scent (Mardi Gras 2011)

* Arsenic and Old Lace - Bitter Almond & an earthy aroma of dust. (Archive)
Art House - I opened my additive cabinet a while back and I was over loaded with a wonderful array of scents. It reminded me of our beloved excursions to Santa Cruz coffee houses and my years at the San Francisco Art Institute. A blend of resins, Indian type spices, various Coffees and Cocoa. (Yule)

*Aurora - Jasmine, Neroli, Petigrain, Patchouli, Clary Sage among many others. Aurora is a 200 year old therapeutic recipe to entice Joy using 27 different essential oils. (Original scent list)

Autumn Moon - A relaxing autumn treat is in store for you with this little guy. Red Mandarin, Lavender, Anise, Shea Butter, Kokum Butter and Beeswax. (Limited Edition)

*Bali - Orange & Ylang Ylang. Warm and refreshing. Citrus with floral undertones. Represents beauty, brighter disposition, and happiness. (Original scent list)

Bali Cloud - EOs of Sweet Orange Peel, Ylang Ylang and FOs of Sandalwood and Creamy Vanilla. A mix of my Orange Cloud and Bali scent, because Moona gets so confused which is which, she decided to mix them together instead. This scent is like fresh peeled oranges with a sweet woody background. They smell wonderful and relaxing! The Ylang Ylang is hardly detectable in this scent and only enhances the sweetness of the fresh orange smell. (Drive Thru Moo)

Banana Tarte Tatin – Rich sweet banana filled puffed pastry with butter rum sauce (Mardi Gras 2011)

Berry Marmalade Glazed Cheesecake - Berry marmalade glazed cheesecake with buttered graham crust made with real brown sugar, finely ground walnut shells and black raspberry seeds. (Summer 2010)

Bayou Mist - Deep, rich Vanilla blends with sultry Amber and Tobacco. Hints of Caribbean Rum layer gently with a warm breeze that releases whiffs of moss laden Oaks. (Original Scent list)

Bees Knees - Honey, honeysuckle and hyacinth. (Archive)

Berrie Me Under - a scent made with ingredients including essential oils of lemon & coriander, fragrance of fresh juicy strawberries and rich smooth whip cream. I know it sounds like an odd combo especially from Moona but I really love it. Not too sweet, not too tart. (Limited edition)

Betty Lives Forever - Gentle White Lily, Wild Bergamot and barely a whiff of a heady bouquet of Jasmine and just a touch of Violet all blended with three different Ambers for an erotic dry down of Amber Resins, Barley grass, Musk, Balsam Tolu, Black Vanilla and Teak. (Rockabilly)

Black Bread and Marmalade - A rich and aromatic blend, sure to warm even the coldest of haunted manors, topped with gobs of glistening, subtly spiced Apricot, blood orange and pomegranate marmalade. Crusty warm bread, EOs of black pepper and anise, real cocoa powder and Black Strap molasses. (Halloween 2009)

Black Mamba - Named after one the deadliest snakes in the world! Delve deeply into the dark and exciting aromas of Caribbean rum, rich Hazelnut dusted marshmallow cream, Black Vanilla, simple syrup and dark, freshly brewed coffee. (Halloween 2009)

*Blodeuwedd’s Broom - Fly far, far away into a world of enchantment with this GORGEOUS scent. Moona's rendition of fresh carnations and Violet leaf absolute. (Original scent list)

Blood Moon - Of course Blood orange, blended with Tangerine, lime and coriander. (Limited edition)

Blood & Chocolate (aka Blood Orange & Chocolate) - real Blood Orange EO from Sicily blends magnificently with Rich Dark Chocolate fragrance. These really remind Moona of her sweet mum's tradition of making Chocolate cupcakes for her class every year with orange extract frosting. (Original scent list)

Blood & Donuts - Strawberry oozy jam filled deep fried Donuts confection perfection! (Halloween 2011)

Blue Moon - Blue Hawaiian snappy ginger blends beautifully with faint floral and soft woods (Rockabilly)

Blueberry Hill - Delicious, warm blueberry syrup, butter and pancakes, slurp.... this one is a straight up fragrance that is so good on its own, I never had the heart to add a thing, (Rockabilly)

Bohemian Velvet - Sandalwood, Patchouli, and Nag Champa incense type of notes. Inspired from MoonaLisa's Haight Ashbury days as a Goth girl. It's like walking into one of those dark and exciting old pagan magic shops in the Haight, sadly which no longer exist :( The lovely incense type aromas are sure to bring back old memories or build new ones. (Original scent list)

Bonfire - A bonfire is a large controlled outdoor fire. The word comes from "bone fire". The practice is believed to derive from the Celtic festival of Samhain, when animal bones were burnt to ward off evil spirits! Eweoooo, spooky. This scent is a smoky fiery brew, with faint hints of fields of sweet hay and a slight aroma of harvest picked fruits and mulled wine. (Halloween 2009)

Bongo Poppy Cake- Delicious, lemon poppy seed cake, drowned in an unhealthy dose of lightly spiced cream cheese icing dripping all over it! Does contain real essential and fragrance oils. Due to the heavy use of vanilla in this one, this scent does discolor soaps and scrubs after time. (Rockabilly)

Bossy Bitches That Smell Like Chocolate (Ode de Skye) - Real cocoa absolute and a smidge of dark chocolate cake (Drive Thru Moo)

Bunny Killer - Well Moona couldn't have all these cutie sweet offerings without one bad apple now could she? Nothing cute about a bunny killer! The outdoor and caged aroma of cedar & sandalwood, slight hint of "artificial" musk, sweaty leather and a touch of Vanilla. Ooh Moona is a meanie. (Halloween 2009)

Butterscotch Pudding - Delicious and warm butterscotch and creamy smooth pudding marry to make a beautiful and tempting scent. (Halloween)

Calypso the Sultry Sea Goddess - salty sea air, growing green lichens with an underlying enticing aroma of subtle spices and incense smoke. (Mardi Gras 2011)

Campfire Tale - A smoky velvet layer of marshmallow filled toasted graham crackers, smeared with rich melted milk chocolate and a tiny dusting of ground nuts. Ooo - how decadent! (Halloween 2009)

Candied Apple - Spicy hard candy outer shell encases a moist fresh crisp green apple. (Halloween 2010)

Candied Ginger Monoi Coconut - Very spicy fresh ginger (real EOs also used) with a scrubby sugar scrub top that I have made even scrubbier for the full size bar. Comes a blanket of comfort in a soft creamy other half full of creamy rich Monoi coconut goodness (real Monoi coconut butter used) and real coconut powdered milk used too! (Summer 2010)

Candied Strawberries and Liquored Filled Dreams - (Scrub and Bath cream parfait) - This bath treat parfait is a layered combo of scrubby sugar scrub alternately layered with foaming bath cream. Scented in an irresistible medley of sweet juicy strawberries dipped in warmed crystallized raw sugar then doused with a rich hazelnut and vanilla liquor. (Let Them Eat Cake)

Candied Violets - Sugared violets adorning a Chamborde raspberry liqueur soaked butter sponge cake. (Drive Thru Moo)

Caramel Apple - This scent is a traditional and luscious combo of rich gooey buttery caramel, and slightly spiced baked warm apples. (Halloween 2010)

Caramelized Orange Custard - Rich and gooey caramelized succulent oranges layer with milky, creamy vanilla custard and spice. (Let Them Eat Cake)

Carnival of Souls - You can hear the Fall wind whistling through the abandoned rides, the creaking of old wood swaying, faded, garish signs staring blankly back at you. The faint echo of what once was ... Lingering still is the smell of enticing , however a bit unsettling aromas of buttered popcorn, drizzled honey, dry hay, fresh baked crusty breads and devilishly good caramel treats and bottom layers of hot, burning fires. (Halloween)

Cashmere Woods - Cedar wood, Amber, Musk and Vanilla. . Blended with a rustic combination of dry woods, Amber, Myrrh, and bold Parisian Lavender, Tonka bean, Angelica Root and a splash of Egyptian Musk. (Fall 2009)

Cassandra's Cauldron - A bewitching blend of Chocolate fragrance, Sweet Orange essential oil, Blood Orange Essential oil, Neroli Essential oil & Organic free trade Cocoa absolute oil. Brew up a bath of Orange and Chocolate heaven (Original scent list)

*Cauldron - Eclipse (ha ha), tons of dark myrrh and other secret ingredients. Smells like an old dark church. It's earthy and unusual, this scent is an aphrodisiac. Represents happiness, passion, good luck and success. NOTE - CAULDRON SHOULD NOT BE USED WHEN PREGNANT! (Original scent list)

Chai Tea - fragrance meet essential oils - result, a realistic Chai scent, the same as I make for the Art House Scrub! (Fall 2009)

Chateau de Chambord - It is made from raspberries, blackberries, Madagascar vanilla, Moroccan citrus peel, honey and cognac to create an all-natural Black Raspberry liqueur. Indulge in Moona's new scrub concoction consisting of white chocolate cake scrub enveloping a Chambord ripple made of natural raspberry fruit fiber, black raspberry seeds, and scented with natural and artificially scented oils of cognac EO, raspberry, vanilla oils, with a fusion of natural citrus and just a touch of spice. Good enough for any King or Queen! (Let Them Eat Cake)

Cherry Clafouti - rich butter cake, slivered almonds, tart cherries and creamy vanilla (Mardi Gras 2011)

Chill Pill - This aromatherapy blend is made for households who have young people around, children and teenagers alike, the later who are bristling with hormones and aggression. This blend is made to aid in relaxing all and opening the lines of communication as well as being helpful with nightmares and insomnia. Who couldn't use a good night’s sleep with all that drama! (Original scent list)

Chocolate Cola – It’s a dark chocolate and I have added more chocolate this time and cola effervescence. I think the effervescence cuts the sweetness of the chocolate and makes it a refreshing change from heavier cocoa scents for the summer. (Rockabilly)

Chocolate Butter Rum Beignet - dark rich premium chocolate covers a deep fried Beignet soaked in buttery rum sauce (Mardi Gras 2011)

Chocolate Strudel (aka Schokoladenstrudel) - Delicious Chocolate & coconut with a hint of flaky buttery pastry! Oil turns dark chocolate brown in gel and lotion but has no effect on product. (Winter)

Chocolate Torte with Blueberry Wine Coulis - dense fudge cake made of creamy soft chocolate, butter, espresso powder with Blueberry Wine Coulis. (Mardi Gras 2011)

* Chypre - A spicier more on the exotic side of life. Spicy and very soothing with Calendula oil and scented with green notes of Mandarin Leaf, Orange Blossom, and Bulgarian Rose. Middle notes of coriander and Bulgarian Rose. Deeper, darker warm notes of Bourbon Vanilla, Amber, Labdanum, Musk, Tonka Bean, Sandalwood and Vetiver. (Original scent list)

Christmas Pudding - Pure Cane & Turbanado sugar infused with Vanilla beans, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, blended with pure essential oils of Vanilla Planifolia, Vanilla Absolute, Benzoin, Cardamon, ginger and a touch of fragrance oils that fill the air with the delicious aroma of fresh baked gingerbread and love. (Winter)

Crackling Firewood - A blend of berries and wood scents. Smells like a campfire. (Archive)
Creamy Lemon Tart - Indulge in a generous slice of a creamy lemon tart with buttery ground walnut scrub crust and topped with soft Coconut Cream. (Mardi Gras 2011)

Cocoa Bliss - Rich and creamy , one half White Chocolate and the other Rich Dark Chocolate, cocoa butter, vitamin E oil, almond oil, sea salt, real cocoa powder and chocolate oil makes this bath bomb the BOMB! (Limited edition)

Cocoagasam - DELICIOUS, nutty, hot cocoa and pastry surrounds a decadent shot of chocolate ganache in the middle. To die for!!! (Rockabilly)

Coconut Madness - Coconut so tropical it gives you a fever! Ok I am stretching it a bit. (Fall 2009)

Coffee Butter (Scrub) - Made with coffee grinds and now with real Coffee Essential oil! The same luxurious scrub that has clients squealing with delight and coming back for more but with the grinds! Made from exotic Ivory Coast Coffee Butter, cocoa butter, and blended to perfection with a touch of Belgium chocolate oil, rich fats, oils, sugars, real honey and ground coffee to detoxify and energize your skin in decadence.

Conjuring Room - You can smell the distinct aroma of layers upon layers of magical oils, wax built up from years of burning candles and dark magic. (Original scent list)

Conversations over Mid-afternoon Tea - Lavender, Orange, Rose Geranium, Red Mandarin, Angelica, Patchouli and others, as well as a dose of "The Queens Gloves". Making for a really complex, refreshing and calming sensation. (Limited edition 2008)

Corsican Mendiant au Chocolat Blanc - white chocolate, walnuts, dates, and crystallized orange peel (Mardi Gras 2011)

Courage - Black Pepper, Juniper & more. Warm and invigorating. Encourages strength. Represents: Courage, and Mars. (Archive)

Crème Brule- This is not the same as the oil in the famous cream I used to make but it still very good. Delicious, warm, creamy and buttery. (Halloween)

*Crimson - Dragons Blood resin and ancient oils of Red Sandalwood, Vetiver, Spikenard and tons of myrrh. Deep red oil, made from various rare and exotic woods and resins. Super earthy, rich and full. Represents protection, honesty, love, transformation and psychic protection. (Fall 2009)

Crushed Amber and Vanilla Bean - A mix of delectable rich dark amber resins and oils blended with irresistible Vanilla bean infused sugar and vanilla powder. (Mabon 2010)

Dance of the Dead - Lingering sweet decay of fresh and dead roses, embalming resins like Labdanum absolute and others, and the unmistakable faint aroma of distant smoke from the crematorium. It’s a crypt keeper! (Halloween)

Dark Chocolate - Same scent as Cocoa Bliss, but for some reason it is even more decadent in soy wax. Pure, dark and sweet chocolate heaven. (Fall 2009)

Dark Water - Dim the lights and throw a Pitch black bath bomb in your tub. Made from all natural Australian Black Clay and Midnight Mica, with an iridescent Green Salt crystal inclusion. These are frightfully fun, but beware, your tub will be full of "Dark Water" and magical oils, all the better to scry with, my dear. (Halloween)

Darkwoods - Patchouli, mysterious and woody. Rejuvenates. Represents love, sensuality and protection. (Original scent list)

Defendi Malificus Phasmatis - To ward off evil spirits. A blend inspired by Gypsy magic of protection oils against dark forces. Angelica, moist wet earthy vetiver, sweet Vanilla and tuberoses,
with a touch of balsam and dry woods. (Halloween 2011)

Dementia - Our bath bomb recipe crushed with added botanicals, sea salts and scent. Dementia is Pacific sea salt and Dead Sea salts infused for months with smoked black tea, and blended with oils of Pinion, Copal, and Wild Roses. (Halloween 2009)

*Demeter - MoonaLisa’s Crimson oil TM mixed with earthy notes and clove. Represents the Greek Goddess of the Earth and of growing things. The name "Demeter" simply means" the Mother". Scent is rich, warm and earthy. Represents "The Mother", increased power, protection, virility, transformation and compassion. (Original scent list)

*Dr. Bombay - A fantastic blend of essential oils of Blood Orange, Patchouli and Ginger. (Original scent list)

Drag Me Into The Woods - A nice clean herbal but with some fragrance to tone the bite out of camphoric natural herbs . Very pleasant. (Halloween)

Duchess of Willowdale - Notes are reminiscent of old Victorian parlors, Honey, Amber, Pipe Tobacco but with added notes of deep, dark, rich chocolates. (Original Scent list)

**Durga - Hindu Mother Goddess of protection helps you draw your boundaries and protect yourself from negative energies. This is also the same scent as "MoonaLisa's TM Monster Spray". Gingery, buttery, spicy brown sugar and a hint of grounding earthy patchouli & Neroli. Smells like the MOST delicious Halloween cookies baking and a breath of Autumn Graveyard air. Hmmm, Sweet Haunted Home. ~ Note: Durga is now in the Premium oil because of the sky rocketing price of Patchouli and Neroli oils. (Original scent list)

*Earth/Uplifting - Sweet Orange and a secret herb. Citrus and herbal scent, emotionally uplifting. Helps treat fatigue, depression and melancholia. Represents the element Earth (Original scent list)

Eclipse - (This is a secret, sorry.) It's powdery and musky. Full bodied, earthy, sweet and sensuous. Use as an aphrodisiac. Represents sensuality, strength and success. (Original scent list)

Enchanted - If you like Spellbound woods you will like this! It’s the same fragrance but I beefed it up with four more Ambers, two different Vanillas, including Vanilla Absolute and some additional otherworldly notes. Making it richer and longer lasting with much more depth. (Summer 2010)

Egyptian Royal Jelly - Inspired by the ancient Egyptian technique of slowly simmering for days and days rare, exotic woods and resins in pure olive oil to achieve this superior, deep red divine "jelly" balm like moisturizer. It truly is a unique type of moisturizer. MoonaLisa has been making it for exclusive clients for years and years. Now it’s available to the public. Various ingredients include: Red Sandalwood, Amber resin, Alkanet root, Apricot kernel oil, Borage oil, essential oils of Vetiver and Nutmeg among many different resinous essential oils.

Enchanted Moon - A relaxing blend of various Frankincense resin oils, Vetiver and Vanilla. (Limited edition)

Erotica - Sensual, warm and inviting, but not feminine. Helps set a romantic mood. Represents love, peace of mind and sensuality. (Archive)

Esmeralda's Emerald Isle-A magical elixir of an old Greek recipe called Green Harmony, various green woods & herbal notes and Lime. (Limited edition)

Essence of Slug- A lovely little blend that captures Moona's love affair with these slimy, elegant little creatures, and their delicate innocent eyes waving so helplessly, mossy , slightly floral, ocean like. (Halloween)

Fairy Queen - Amber, Clove, Patchouli etc. (Archive)

Faustine - is delightfully delirious with madness. She spends her days and nights reading various stories to and singing to her "little friend" attached to the end of her hand. She is also known for climbing out of bed at midnight to satisfy her " friends" midnight cravings, her favorite being a bowl loaded with sweet fruits such as plums , blood oranges and cherries doused with raw sugar and a huge dollop of freshly made vanilla & Tonka bean cream , spiced cardamon and cloves. (Strange Sisters Collection)

Fernwood - Fresh, rain like quality, slightly woody. Represents clairvoyance and longevity. (Original scent list)

Field of Dreams (formerly Lavender Fields) - Uses the same amber as the "Crushed Amber and Vanilla Bean" scent but blended with Lavender Kashmir, Lavender absolute and Lavender (Lavendula Angustifolia Moldova) and wow, on the dry down I am in LOVE s secret for centuries. (Original scent list)

Woodland Pear - Warm Wintery juicy pears gentle spiced and simmered with aromatic oils such as nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger and just a touch of Sandalwood. (Yule)

Woodland Pear & Yule Citrus - Warm and Wintery juicy pears , gently spiced and simmered with aromatic spice oils including nutmeg & ginger , just a touch of Sandalwood and warm buttery Vanillas . It is then layered with a sugar scrub made from a blend of Winter Citrus fruits such as Grapefruit , and star anise spice. (Yule)

Wraith - Wraith is a Scottish dialectal word for ghost or spirit. Strong notes in woody, mossy accords, with a hint of leather and rich red fruit. (Strange Sisters Collection)

Yule Spice: Warm, spicy, and peppery. It is stimulating and an aphrodisiac. Represents passion, sensuality, psychic development and growth. (Archive)